Security System and Guard Services has granted the highest priority to human safety, protection of life and protection of property for its extensive clientele.

There’s no doubt in the fact security has always been the priority in most of the corporate sectors. However, to train your resources internally can be a time and effort taking the task. Plus it’s not even the greatest option to go for. Therefore at, Security System and Guard Services, the efforts are always ours.

We believe that the protection of our client’s life, property and everything that is important in an organization is our responsibility. Therefore, from check and balance, presentability to customizing the security system according to customers needs and demands, Security System and Guard Services is your forever partner in need.

Apart from our highly functioning security systems, we provide a wide range of trained personnel that will assists you in any uncertain circumstances.

Our range includes:

1)   Civilian

2)   Paramilitary

3)    Ex-army

4)   Bodyguards

5)   Commandos

Equipments’ installation & maintenance

Security System and Guard Services is always at the spearhead when it comes to providing the clientele with highly-functional manned guarding equipment.

In order to enhance the level of security protocols and your loss and amp prevention strategies, we have a variety of equipment that one can choose from:

1) CCTV installation & maintenance

2) Metal detector

3) Bombs& explosive detectors

4) Walk through gates

Equipment’ Installation and Maintenance service provides you with:

Not only do we take hassle on our heads but we ensure that our clients are provided with:

  • Protection of their assets and customized solutions as per their needs.
  • Improved cost-effectiveness that is delivered by improvements and innovations in their contract.
  • Minimize and mitigate risk factor in their organization.
  • Enhanced business continuity and environment.
  • Ensured statutory regulations.

Event Security management

With a defined procedure and professionals on board, Event security management is handled best at Security systems and Guards services.

From providing our clients with manpower to catering their needs with supervision and security systems and Guard service is a one-stop solution for exemplary event management.

No matter how corporate or personal your event is, our team shows the utmost responsibility in making sure no trouble comes your way.

Following  are the types of events where we provide our Event security and Management services:

1) Corporate dinners/meetings/brunches

2) Escort security for VIP individuals

3) Weddings

4) Concerts

5) Festivals

How do we work?

Security systems and Guards services have defined procedure when it comes to  includes event security management which includes:

  • Formulation of security plans by keeping the nature of the event under consideration.
  • Preparation of security plans for the event.
  • Effective implementation of security plans and strategies for the event assisted by the company.

Optional weapons Availability

Certified weapons are available for customization as per the needs of the client at Security systems and Guards services.

In a place where crimes and factors involved in the destabilization of society have only increased by passing time, optional weapons have become a need for organizations.

We believe that the organization that is in acquaintance with Security systems and Guards services has trusted us for the protection of everything that is valuable in their organization. Therefore, we not only do we cater our clients with guards equipped with weapons but we provide them with an option to customize customizing the weapons as well.

Our clients can choose following weapons for customization:

  • 23 Rifle
  • 12 Bore Automatic Short Gun
  • 12 Bore Manual
  • 30 Bore Pistols
  • MP-5 Normal
  • MP-5 Modified

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